Finding the right partner today will mean the success of your business tomorrow.

Matchplat's network is made up of certified members, and allows you to get in touch with the right strategic partners. Join our global network to expand your business horizons.

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Our network is made up of referenced companies, which enables you to get in touch with high-quality partners



Our use of cutting-edge technology allows you to find your partners faster than the current solutions available on the market



Companies from all over the world can register on Matchplat. The right partner for you could be far away, but we will bring you closer together.

Post an opportunity

You can post a business opportunity explaining your needs and choose appropriate filters to select your target market. All opportunities are anonymous so as to ensure the privacy of our members.
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Search for an opportunity

You can search for the right opportunity for your company using our search engine or search filters. In addition to making an active search, you can set a "Door". This instructs our platform to keep searching for your chosen type of collaboration, and update you on these opportunities as they are posted.
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Create your references

This is your chance to create your reputation on Matchplat. You do not need to invest money, just ask your current partners for a reference through our platform. This will substantially improve the way your company is seen both inside and outside of our network.
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Meet the Partner who is right for you

If one of our members is interested in your opportunity, you will receive a Match. Should you choose to accept this request, we will introduce you to your new collaborator by sharing your respective contact details, and by sending you each an introductory e-mail.
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Matchplat is simple and effective

Register your Matchplat account by getting in-touch with our partners. Our technologies will help you to find the right collaborators whilst you continue with your day-to-day operations.


Create a private network for your members in order to help them do business together

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