Post an Opportunity

Posting an opportunity is the most important activity which you can use Matchplat for. It is your way of voicing your company's strategic needs to the business world.

How do you post an opportunity?

Please remember that all opportunities posted on Matchplat will be anonymous until you find a Match. This places importance on the quality of every opportunity, as opposed to the brand that lies behind it. Furthermore, it is our way of safeguarding your firm's strategy from your competitors. To post an opportunity, just follow a few easy steps:

  1. Title
  2. Write a simple sentence that summarises your business activity

  3. Desciption
  4. This is the most important part of the opportunity as it contains the details of your business needs. We recommend splitting the description of the opportunity into two distinct parts: The first paragraph should briefly describe your company (e.g. geographic area, size, business activity, etc.) whilst always remaining entirely anonymous. In the second paragraph, you should describe your business opportunity. We advise you to go into as much detail as possible, so as to maximise the visibility of your opportunity within the platform.

  5. Target Audience
  6. Fill out the proposed fields, which summarise the foundation of your opportunity, so that you are only visible to those partners who fit the characteristics you are looking for. The mandatory fields include the following:

    • What type of partner you are looking for
    • Their industrial sector
    • Their geographic area

Finally you can also involve one or more of your colleagues within your posted opportunities, so as to keep them updated on every change or Match that concerns the post in question. You could compare this functionality to when you place someone on (cc) in an e-mail. To involve a colleague, simply select their name from the registered users in the drop-down list.

Once these steps have been completed, the opportunity may be posted. Choose from the following options:

Get started!