People are at the centre of our company

We strongly believe in human capital, and invest in skilled people who want to leave their mark on the world with us. Our culture revolves around inclusivity, and a focus on our vision of change.

" A factory cannot only look at its profit, it must distribute wealth, culture, and democracy. I believe the factory must act for the man, not the man for the factory. "

Adriano Olivetti


We believe in enhancing the talents of each individual, and would like to create an environment which leads to fulfilled potential, and common growth. We believe in a working environment where effort is recognised and where professional results are achieved in accordance with the concept of fairness.

Shared success with our collaborators

We strongly believe in a company that recognises and awards the value brought by each individual, and we recognise that all results derive from a team effort. We value everyone's efforts and would like to share all of our success with our partners.

Serendipity as a key to innovation

Serendipity is the ability to find what is not sought after. Matchplat's mission is to develop services that help companies find strategic partnerships quickly and cheaply. Our technologies offer solutions for today's problems, but we know that tomorrow's problems will require further innovation. Every day we ask ourselves how we can add value to today's business world, and look for opportunities that can satisfy our mission using disparate methods.

" It doesn't make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do. "

Steve Jobs

The Beauty of working in special places

We believe in the importance of a working environment that is aesthetically beautiful, and that puts its employees at ease. We have chosen the beautiful area of Franciacorta because we think that special places can bring harmony and tranquility, whilst improving the well-being of every employee.


Making the search for strategic partners simple and effective for all of the world's business community.

Our mission is to develop services to help companies get in touch with one another, and establish strategic partnerships in order to enhance business development. Finding the right partners helps companies develop better products, expand into new markets, and avoid wasting resources. We believe this can develop global innovation, and improve entrepreneurialism by enabling ideas to emerge and grow throughout the world. Not just for some companies, but for all companies.


Every business relationship should begin online, but develop onland

The Internet is an extraordinary tool, especially if supported by innovative technologies that maximise its utility. The search for strategic partners is fundamental for every company, and we believe that all enterprises should use the power of the internet to find partners on a global scale. Face-to-face relationships are equally essential in business, and Matchplat is not seeking to replace these. We simply wish to replace the long and expensive journey of finding these potential partners, before building your relationship using tried and tested methods.