Searching for an opportunity

Looking for an opportunity is the second most important activity you can do on Matchplat, after posting.

How do you search for an opportunity?

There are different ways to search for an opportunity:

  1. Inserting relevant keywords
  2. Choosing a target audience
  3. A combination of the above

Once you have filled out the search tab, just click "Find" in order to see the titles of all relevant opportunities posted on our network.

You can click "Open" to view an opportunity in further detail. Once you find an opportunity that seems interesting, you have three choices available to you:

  1. Match
  2. By clicking Match, you will send a notification to the company that posted the opportunity, which confirms your interest in exploring a collaboration. Please note that by sending a Match, you will break your anonymity towards the receiving party.

  3. Bookmark
  4. If you would like to save an opportunity in order to re-read it at a later stage, click Bookmark.

  5. Share
  6. If you would like a second opinion on a particular opportunity from one of your colleagues, just click Share.

The final way to search for an opportunity revolves around the Door function. A Door an automatic search, which keeps you updated on the opportunities that interest you as they are posted. To set a Door, simply enter your chosen search criteria, as previously explained, and click on the "Save as Door" button. You can choose a title for your search and will always find it under the Doors page.

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